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Residential and Commercial HVAC Installation and Repairs

Air Conditioning
Ductless Options

The HVAC Specialists of Metro NY Area

For over 20 years, 123CountyHVAC has served the neighborhoods of the metro NY area, Westchester, NY and Peekskill, NY with quality installations and repairs on HVAC systems in their homes. We attribute our success to the superior pricing, outstanding services, and top-shelf traditional HVAC products we offer all day, every day. Our two decades in HVAC services have made us a leading source of expert products and services for heating and air conditioning for homeowners throughout the city. We couple that reputation with affordable financing options and 24-hour service and repairs to keep your system running at its top capacity. We’re fully licensed and insured to perform safe and efficient work in your home to ensure it stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Call our experienced HVAC technicians in the metro NY and surrounding areas today!

Committed to Higher Standards

As a family-owned and -operated business, we want every customer to feel like they’re a member of the family, too. That’s why we honor your trust and business with high standards of service. All of our HVAC technicians go through rigorous screening for employment, drug testing, and continual safety training. The advanced industry education on top of that has developed them into fine craftsmen of the trade who are professional, highly skilled, and trustworthy. Our products are held to the same high standards, which is why we carry and install top-notch HVAC equipment. Our featured products include top brands for traditional heating and air conditioning systems, including central air systems. These brands and models reflect our own commitment to catering to our customers’ discerning tastes in home comfort systems.

Experienced HVAC Technicians & Solutions

123CountyHVAC is proud of our expertise in HVAC product installations and repairs, as they provide a solution for heating and cooling for homes throughout the metro NY area, Westchester, NY and Peekskill, NY. Our HVAC technicians work on a variety of HVAC systems, including replacing older systems that have outlived their efficiency or use. Don’t let your family or your energy bill suffer from a broken or failing heating or air conditioning system. We can take care of your ducted heating, air conditioner, and even gas and oil hot water boilers. To get a free in-home consultation for HVAC equipment installations or repairs, give us a call today.