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A brief about our firm & operations in Metro NY Area

The family-owned and operated business model is still alive and well at 123CountyHVAC.  As a multi-generational family-run business serving residential and commercial customers throughout the metro NY market, 123CountyHVAC is providing superior HVAC repair and installation services 24 hours daily for 365 days a year.

Our management team and employees enjoy their work and we have created a wonderful environment where everyone (especially our customers) is treated like family.  We do not operate like chain stores and commissioned salespeople, overselling and underserving as slaves to their bottom line.  Instead, we offer fair pricing, personal service, and great communication.

Joseph Jensen

Joseph originated from Croton, NY and has owned and operated businesses in HVAC since graduating from Fordham University in 2004. As the defacto head of this family, Joseph has enjoyed teaching the trade to his son’s Michael and Joshua, his nephews Anthony and Joey and several of his high school friends.  There is nothing more rewarding then to share you knowledge with loved ones.  According to Joseph, “all of these young men are now better then me in most areas, they are self sufficient, well trained and great with our customers, they are our future!”

Joseph thanks all of his customers and employees for making this company successful and urges you to call him directly anytime.

Anthony Bonavita

Anthony has worked in the HVAC industry for over 20 years.  As a master service technician and duct designer, Anthony has earned the role of general manager.  In that role he bridges the needs of the customer and employee, managing the execution of all our day to day repairs and installs.  As the industry evolves and the technology changes, Anthony works to ensure that as a company we are ahead of the curve.  There is not a product offered by 123CountyHVAC that Anthony has not been trained and certified to install and repair.

Michael Jensen

Michael graduated from BOCES technical school in Westchester, and he completed technical training and certification from Little Rock, AK’s The Ultimate Tech vocational training. He currently anchors the 24/7 HVAC service department, along with several other equipment service technicians who are vocationally trained and certified. 123CountyHVAC offers installation and service for all brands of heating and AC equipment.

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